In A Perfect World By Trish Doller

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In a Perfect World
In a Perfect World by Trish Doller takes place in Cairo, Egypt. Caroline looked forward to spending the summer with her best friend in her boyfriend before senior year. Plans quickly changed though when her mom got offered her dream job in Cairo at a One Vision clinic. She moves to Cairo with her mother while her dad stays in Ohio to work. Caroline expects to spend her senior year trying to navigate a new city and being homesick. What she wasn't expecting was a thrilling new culture, a few new friends, a beautiful city, and a new love who challenges her in many ways. In a Perfect World mainly focuses on how love will always find its way.
In the very beginning of this story Caroline finds out she will have to move away from her childhood home to a foreign country. She planned to spend her summer before senior year with her boyfriend and bestfriend working at the local amusement park and working on her soccer skills but her plans quickly changed and she has to move to Cairo. Caroline ends up breaking up with her boyfriend so they don’t have to worry about long distance. She and her mother move to Cairo, Egypt while her father stays at their old home in Ohio so he can keep his job. For Caroline being in a new country with different culture is scary. Caroline finds herself being called rude names by older men while walking down the streets of Cairo. One man even hits on Caroline and then suggests her outfit revealing although she has on clothes that keep her

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