In A Rocket Made Of Ice Essay

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The book called “In a Rocket Made of Ice”, the author goes to Cambodia to help with the sick and dying children who have Aids. Many children get it from being passed on from their mothers, or they come in contact with it and get it that way. The author goes through many moments of being alone and not knowing anyone, not knowing the language which becomes very difficult for her to understand the children and adults that she helps and comes in contact with. The author Gail Gutradt deals with being an outsider and overcomes obstacles that are in her way in order to help the people in need. Being an outsider sometimes can be a good thing because that way you can give your opinions and have an outside point of view just like how Gutradt did. …show more content…

When we first landed in New Jersey, we had to wait because we had to wait for the other people going to Latvia to arrive in Jersey so that way we all were on the same plane. When everyone showed up, the girls seemed to bunch together and the guys seemed to bunch together. And myself, I was sitting all alone, thinking that I had made the biggest mistake going because I didn’t think that I would get along with anyone. “I wondered how Rebecca and I would get along.”(Gutradt 9). No one would talk to me and I wanted to talk to them but I felt alone and uncomfortable, even though I had my cousin and grandparents, my cousin found people to talk to, so I was alone even more. When we got on the plane, I got to sit next to my cousin which was awesome because I didn’t want to be next to someone who I didn’t know and didn’t talk to at the airport, the plane ride was about Twenty-two hours, which let me say was so exhausting. Being on the plane for that long is fun, but it gets very boring after a while because you’re not doing anything but sitting there and looking out of the window or listening to music, which if you don’t have enough, you will run out and listen to the same things over and over

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