In Her 1977 Book The Damned And The Beautiful, Paula S.

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In her 1977 book The Damned and the Beautiful, Paula S. Fass displays the post-World War I influence of colleges and universities on the culture at large. Though contemporary times differ greatly from those she examined, nonetheless, colleges and universities still possess almost unrivaled cultural influence. Students move away to college, young, vivacious, and pliable. After just escaping the oppression of their parents’ rules, their minds readily embrace the next social structure that presents itself. Repeated research has shown that students need structure, something to give them a solid base before they can climb the ladder towards self-actualization and learning. Campus cultures provide more than that, they also provides a lens…show more content…
During one of the first chapels of my freshman year, Dr. John Fozard, President of MACU, presented the history of the school. Initially, MACU was founded in Houston, Texas, as South Texas Bible Institute. Later, administration renamed it Gulf Coast Bible College. Upon moving from Houston to Oklahoma City in 1985, the school once again changed it’s name to Mid-America Bible College. Finally, in 2004, the school decided to break from its traditional Bible college image and rebrand itself as Mid-America Christian University, a liberal arts institution. Despite the three name changes the school has undergone, there has always been either the word “Bible” or “Christian” in the name. This is more than a symbolic nod to the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) that serves as the school’s denominational backing. It highlights a central element to campus life: Christian ethics and principles guide and influence the campus’s rituals, values, and norms. The school requires chapel attendance twice per week (with one week of each semester, termed “Spiritual Emphasis Week”, requiring students to attend 4 or 5 chapel services that week, depending on the year). Sexual promiscuity and extramarital relations are punished, as are alcohol and drug usage. Students freely express their faith on campus, through prayer and other spiritual disciplines. One day after chapel, I was talking with a few friends. A 38-year-old veteran who
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