In James Rachels’ Book, The Elements Of Moral Philosophy,

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In James Rachels’ book, The Elements of Moral Philosophy, he explains many things in the ninth chapter. He made statement about philosopher who decided the absolute moral rules. It explains in the beginning, there’s no definite answer for moral rules. Again, it’s about belief, cultural, tradition etc. Truman decision of dropping the bomb created conflict, some disagree and others agree. Categorical imperative and hypothetical imperative are explained with Kant’s conceptive on lying. His argument about lying is back with universal law. There’s conflict among Kant’s argument, there might be situation where lying might be necessary. Kant believe in responsibility of telling the truth but not the lie.
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Because I think everyone had lie once in their lives or even a white lie. Cops can lie about being a cop to should a crime. An example was lying is necessary. Was it necessary for Truman to drop the bomb? Other wars and conflict had been won without dropping any bombs. Is there any correct form of moral rules?
I read three quotes that caught my attention. “Note that moral judgement must be backed by good reasons-if it true that you ought (or might not) to do such-and-such, then there must be a reason why you should (or should not) do it,” (Rachels and Rachels pg.135) Moral judgement is classified in good reasons only. If a good reason is provided than it’s okay to do it. “The idea that moral rules have no exception is hard to defend,” (Rachels and Rachels pg.129) Moral rules are different in many ways, so little can influence the outcome. “At first Truman was reluctant to use the new weapon.” (Rachel and Rachel pg. 126) So, Truman didn’t like the idea of killing off people who were innocent. But with desperate measure, he made his mind up and agree.
There are many things I found relatable in the ninth chapter. Per Kant, lying is wrong and shouldn’t be done. I know there’s many bad things in this world, but people still do it. I know my diet isn’t the best and my exercise effort isn’t that good either. Being healthy is overall a great challenge. Living in America, there’s countless people who don’t follow such a healthy lifestyle. My family tries living a healthy

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