In My Research Paper I Will Talk About The General History

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In my research paper I will talk about the general history of the Homo Sapiens. I will talk about their origins, behaviors, their evolution to the present time, their means of survival thousands of years ago, the difference between other Homo etc. Homo Sapiens is our ancestors dating back to around 190,000 - 200,000 years ago. Homo Sapiens is Latin for “wise man,” and is the only species of Homo that has not gone extinct. The name Homo Sapiens came from a Swedish naturalist and explorer, Carolus Linnaeus, (born on May 23, 1707 to January 10, 1778) in the year 1758. He was known to be the “father of modern biological classification,” (Tattersall 1998) Homo sapiens were known to coexist with Neanderthals and have also interacted and even …show more content…

In the next 5 – 6 million years after the Sahelanthropus tchadensis which was 2 million years ago, the homo erectus and homo ergaster surfaced in Africa, Asia and Europe. They were one of the first of the homo species to craft many things in order for their survival such as hand- sized stone spears, creating fire, and developing hunting skills for food and survival. The change in their body structure shows how close homo sapiens are to homo erectus as they had similar leg and arm bones to us. Just their structure shows they also had bipedal movement like us and also stood upright. Their brains were slightly smaller and narrower than ours and are known to have a lower mental ability. One of the first early homo sapiens were located majorly in East Africa around 200,000 years ago. Fossils from there showed skull changes that were similar to modern humans today such as a rounded skull and a protruding chin. Few thousand years later the brown ridges started to shrink and form a forehead much like ours. As scientists started to find more clues about the homo genus, there were arguments about the true origins of homo sapiens and were split into two different views on the subject. They are The Multiregional Evolution Model (MRE) and The African Replacement Model (AR). The Multiregional Evolution Model was created by

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