In Recorded History There Have Been Five Instances Where

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In recorded history there have been five instances where the United States has elected a President that did not achieve the office by popular vote, rather these politicians were elected by the system that our founding fathers enacted known as the Electoral College. This system was made to protect the people, and never to confront the very democracy that makes America the great country we all know and love. The Electoral College in recent years, has not lived up to the expectations that the Founding Fathers once wrote in the constitution. Because of the problems that have arisen, many believe that abrogating the Electoral College will not only benefit the American citizens, but as well as the government as a whole. Although the Electoral …show more content…

But look at today. The media rules the elections by letting people see the candidate constantly and keeping up with what they stand for and will try to accomplish. The electoral college no longer needs to make the decision, because we can now make that decision. Proponents of the Electoral College often claim that the "winner take all" arrangement gives a state more attention, but the exact opposite is true for states with one-sided races. If the Electoral College is abolished, all voters will be equally important, as they should be, and candidates will have a healthy incentive to campaign wherever they think they can persuade the most voters. More importantly, they will be less distracted by statewide polls and will be able to pay more attention to the issues. As a result, we still elect our President through an antiquated, indirect process that distorts and complicates Presidential politics and violates basic democratic principles. Five presidential elections have occurred where the electoral college has overruled the popular vote. “For only the fourth time in U.S. history, the presidential campaign has ended with an electoral college winner who won fewer votes than his opponent” (Savage). Five times now with our current president Donald J. Trump. Being citizens of the United States and living under a democracy, our voices should be heard. The Electoral College however overrules the popular vote; the

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