In The Aftermath Of The September 11 Attacks, The United

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In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, the United States, including its allies, waged brutal campaigns directed at the Al Qaeda leadership and, the Taliban in the Middle East. America’s fight against terrorism nonetheless consumed billions of dollars since the 9/11 attacks. Earlier, countries such as England, Spain, Italy, and Russia, similarly waged wars against the Provisional Irish Republican Army, Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, the Red Brigades and the Chechnya separatists. In most of these cases, research shed light on the mechanisms that led to the demise or the defeat of these terrorist groups. However, when it comes to similar groups located in the southern hemispheric countries such as Nigeria, the mechanisms leading to the group …show more content…

Corruption may undermine the fight against terrorism by draining public resources, and trust in government institutions. As one scholar puts it, “corruption begets distrust, which begets disorder, which breeds a host of other evils.” The expectation is that countries or regimes in the developing world witnessing an aggravated grand corruption will have difficulties curbing terrorism. Comprehending how illegal and corrupt behavior cause systemic damage to national security is essential to how states, especially, weaker states, plan to defeat terrorism. It will also aid the international community to know how and where to direct foreign assistance and military aid to countries battling against terrorism. As this study seeks to explain how grand corruption underlies CT campaigns, it is important to establish the study’s boundaries. Terrorism is a loaded term, and its definition is questioned. Despite it being analytically elusive and a highly-contested term, for the purpose of this research, it embodies a systematic use of indiscriminate violence directed at civilian to influence a wider audience. The violent component is asymmetric, and the mode of deployment of the force falls outside the forms of political struggles such as insurgency and civil wars. Violence and coercing are “intended to cause fear among the civilian population and when the

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