In The First Theory,Realism, The International System Is

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In the first theory, Realism, the international system is defined by anarchy and the lack of a central authority, meaning that states are independent from each other and no structure or system can establish a forced relation among them. In this type of system, power is the main objective that each state plans to accomplish because only by achieving this power they can protect themselves and survive. According to this theory, there are different powers that a state plans to achieve for example the military power, the economic power or the diplomatic power. States seek to achieve the instruments of “hard” and “soft” power, to gain influence over other states and to accomplish this goal may be necessary to engage in war, conflicts or …show more content…

The Realism theory explain that even if all the countries appear to have different objectives according to particular circumstances, in reality they have common intentions, which are focused on re-building the logic of policy makers. And the last assumption sees a country as a “unitary actor”. The nature of the international system defines the main problems that a country can face (Holsti, 1985) .
Realism was a dominant model of explaining the concept of international relations during the past six decades and was considered to be a framework in order to analyses and understand better the First World War, The Second World war, and the Cold War. But, Classical Realism is described as a pessimistic theory of understanding the human nature, when is distinguished that egoism and self-interested attitude are base of the phenomenon known as “homopoliticus”. According to Classical Realism, the question of why exists conflict and war in the world is founded on human nature characteristics. In order to eliminate this problem, later was developed a new theory, the Modern Realist theory, which pointed out that the structure of the international system can be used as an instrument to explain and understand more the state behavior. The Modern Realists realized that words like “power”, “national interests” or “balance of power”, are contradictory concepts. According to Classical Realism theory, power is an important element, but the relation among power balance and political output,

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