International Relation Theories of Realism and Liberalism Essay

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Realism and liberalism ‎
International relations theories are the study of international relations from a ‎theoretical perspective. Such as, realism, liberalism, maximise, socialism ‎
This assignment will be discussed about two theories of international relations ‎which are Realism the most important in international relations. Liberalism is the ‎second theory will be considered. The aim of this essay to compare between these ‎two theories. ‎
Firstly, in the first paragraphs in this assignment will be focused on realism in term ‎of, realist view on realism, types of realism and finally realism and the globalisation. ‎Secondly, will move on liberalism three main topics which are; liberalism, types of ‎liberalism and concludes with …show more content…

‎However he argued that all the decisions must be thought carefully before final ‎decision .in addition, there are arguments of classical realism. Firstly, realists ‎argued that the main factor of human nature is necessary for the state according to ‎Baylis,Smith&Owens(.2011.p.879) “classical realists argue that it is from the nature ‎of man that the essential features of international politics , such as competition ‎‎,fear, and war, can be explained‏"‏‎.‎
‎ second realism have to be considered is that structural realism,which is realist in ‎this realism are against classical realists on that human nature is the international ‎of politics. In another word, Realist featured security and competition.

‎ ‎
Liberalism is……………………………………., first liberal was Johan Locke who was ‎liberal in the 17th century. Liberalist have optimistic conceive of human nature. They ‎also identified that every person is self-interested and even combative.Liberlists ‎disagreed with the statement that conflict and warfare are unavoidable.‎‏"‏Conflict and ‎war are not inevitable; when people employ their reason they can achieve mutually ‎beneficial cooperation not only within states but also across international ‎boundaries‏"‏‎ Jackson &Sorensen,( 2010, p.97) . What is more it that , the basic ‎

There are many classification of liberalism, firstly, sociological liberalism, is a theory ‎that has view of international relations is Connections between nations and

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