Hip Hop Shaped American Culture

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In the late 1970’s, a new music genre emerged in Bronx, New York. Hip Hop started as an underground, unknown genre to a popular, multi-million-dollar genre and lifestyle. The transformation of Hip Hop has shaped or American Culture and is now geared to more than just the African American and Latino groups it was once developed for. There are also misconceptions about what Hip Hop means. Most people believe Hip Hop is synonymous with rap. However, Hip Hop is more than just a music style it is also a culture within the music. To understand how Hip Hop has evolved and shaped our current culture, we must start at the very beginning. Surprisingly Hip Hop’s origins began before the 1970’s. Per the Black Arts literary critic Addison Gayle, Jr., …show more content…

(Rhodes) Early on, artist limited themselves to just spraying their tags but by the mid-1970’s artists grouped up and began painting murals instead of just tagging things. (Rhodes) Dubbed the age “Old School Hip Hop”, as rapping became more popular DJs, or disc jockeys and MCs, or master of ceremonies, duos were formed. (Errey) The person with being described as The Father of Hip Hop is none other than Clive Campbell, known to the Hip-Hop world as DJ Kool Herc. (JohnG) As DJ Kool Herc says himself on his website “On August 11, 1973, DJ Kool Herc and his sister, Cindy, began hosting back-to-school parties in the recreation room of their building at 1520 Sedwick Avenue in the Bronx (now recognized by NYC Housing Preservation as the “Birth Place of Hip Hop”). It is this simple act of gathering their peers and innovating the way the existing music was played and listened to that Hip-Hop Culture was born”. (Herc) DJ Kool Herc is best well known for creating the “breakbeat”. The “break” is the part of the record when the drums or percussion take over the song. (Light 15) Herc created the breakbeat by playing two copies of the same record and would extend the “break” by switching back and forth. Another pioneer in Hip Hop was a Joseph Saddler, or as the Hip Hop world knows him as Grandmaster Flash. Grandmaster Flash created the cue monitor, that allowed through the DJ to hear one record through their headphones while the

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