In The Year 2000, Only 32 Percent Of Fourth-Graders Could

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In the year 2000, only 32 percent of fourth-graders could read skillfully at grade level (“”, 2002). This is a staggering number, but all we see is that 62 percent have are able to read at grade level and that’s still a decent percentage considering it’s the entire US population. These statistics are all taken using adults ages 25 and up. To reach over the age of 25 without having attained at least your HS degree in today’s society is astounding. In 2008, when Barack Obama was still a US Senator, he campaigned to get the No Child Left Behind act fixed. During this campaign, he gave a speech at Mapleton Expeditionary School of the Arts located in Thornton Colorado. The speech was entitled “What’s Possible for our …show more content…

He stated that the No Child Left Behind’s program, which was introduced in 2001 wasn’t working as well as it promised it would when it was introduced by former President Bush. By speaking the truth about the act, and its failures he now had the educators on his side. Obama takes a quote directly from Thomas Jefferson: “Talent and virtue, needed in a free society, should be educated regardless of wealth or birth” (The Denver Post, 2008). What better way to sway people’s opinions in your favor than by quoting not just a past president, but president who has his likeness carved into the side of a mountain, that mountain being Mt. Rushmore. He was attempting to show that his methods were in line with Thomas Jefferson’s. At this point we can further see that he used logic to expose the flawed education system.
To show the deteriorating effects the poor education system has had on the US economy, He dropped a quite staggering metaphor in his speech by stating that “If the more than 16,000 Colorado students who dropped out of high school last year had only finished, the economy in the state would have seen an additional $4.1 billion in wages over these students’ lifetime” The Denver Post, 2008). This is an extreme example of cause and effect but it definitely drives his point across. The link between education and profits is quite obviously seen here, if you want to make money

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