In This Chapter The Research Problem Has Been Introduced

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In this chapter the research problem has been introduced by focusing on the following aspects :-
(A) Present condition of secondary teachers’ training in Mumbai University
(B) Need of the study
(C) Historical account of the concept of job satisfaction
(D) Operational Definition of job satisfaction
(E) Justification for ‘Six’ factors in the operational Definition of job satisfaction
(F) Title of present research
(G) Six- Factor Cascade Model of job satisfaction
(H) Objectives of present research
(I) Hypotheses of present research
(J) Assumptions of present research
(K) Scope and Limitations of present research
(L) Utility Value of present research

Introduction :
(A) Present condition of secondary teachers’ training in Mumbai University : …show more content…

India has not been an exception to this trend. If one sneaks a look at various bodies formed to boost teachers’ training colleges in post independence era in India, role of NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education), which was established in 1973, is worth mentionable. This non-statutory body was a part of NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) which was established in 1960 and played very important role in regulating education of teachers. NCTE proposed curriculum framework for different teacher education programs in 1978. Since then, after passing through many stages of curriculum development, as per the needs of the time, in 1993 it made a proposal of increasing the duration of secondary teacher training course from one year to two years. But it took around two decades for its implementation . From the academic year 2015-16, two years ' B Ed curriculum eventually received an open vent in Mumbai University. Teacher-educators passed through the machinery of orientation programs to get acquainted with the newly framed curriculum till the end of August 2015. Obviously, the admission procedure for a new batch of B Ed for the academic year 2015-16 got delayed and it extended upto the end of October 2015 (in few colleges). Many of the unaided B Ed colleges were found to

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