In This Time Of Rapid Change And Increasing Attention To

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In this time of rapid change and increasing attention to education it is important that professional educators and others take a fresh look at the question, "Who Should Plan the Curriculum?" Today, the educated man is the central resource of society. The supply of such men and women available to each nation is the real measure of its economic, political and military potential. We are now undergoing the educational revolution because educated people are the capital of industrial society. Every chemist, every doctor, every engineer creates opportunity and need for more men who can apply knowledge and concepts( Hass, 1961).
There are various roles played by persons and groups involved in curriculum development at an individual school. …show more content…

In my school district, parents play a critical role in program planning and sustainability.Based on parent meeting attendance held in the month of September in my school, parents of students in the dual language programs were committed to the bilingual and bicultural benefits afforded to their children. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in classrooms and to extend the learning process from school to home. Teachers’ comments indicated that parents understood that programs participation are not limited to their children but included their own involvement in all aspects of the dual language education programs (Craig, 1996; Peña, 1998). Consequently, parents participated in semi annual parent meetings with the teaching staff to discuss issues and strategies for improving literacy and numeracy and agreed to meet with parents new to the program to offer support.
Culturally responsive literacy programs also tap into community resources that promote children’s literacy, such as by inviting volunteers from the community to serve as reading tutors or even just “listeners” while students read. Another is to invite parents and others in the neighborhood to share their expertise or “funds of knowledge” about various topics(Moll, L. C., & González, N. (1994). For example, in one effective model, local elders help in the schooling of American Indian youth. Programs should also focus

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