Essay on English Language Learners and Education

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As our nation shifts towards a more culturally diverse population both educators and families have to find a common ground to ensure that English Language Learners are academically successful. All stakeholders must carefully consider the social cultural impact on an ELL education. The process of raising bilingual learners take more than a language a school and a language learned at home. The transition must have a purpose and a goal.

Collaborative Practices of English Language Learners and Schools Educating a student takes a massive amount of collaboration between schools, communities and families. It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child and this saying is truer when it is applied to a child coming to America
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In order to be effective and affective educators we need to understand how the new culture will affect them and why. Educators must understand that children are always affected by the perceptions and cultural acceptance of their parents. Parents can choose to assimilate or isolate themselves in the new community. This move is detrimental in the ELL attitude towards their new cultural surroundings. Cultural Diversity has lead schools to promote dual language and bilingual programs for ELL students. However, raising bilingual children according to Marsha Rosenberg is not something that simply happens. Parents must carefully consider how they will raise their children in their new culture. Unfortunately, many parents often forget that neglecting their primary language in the process of raising their children will only hurt them in the long run. However, what they fail to understand is that our current society insists on developing diverse learners, who can speak two or more languages and are diverse (Gensee, n.d). Therefore, in order to raise bilingual students they parents must provide the children with rich experiences at home as well as in a variety of settings (Broekhuizen, n.d.). Furthermore, families need to maintain a close family unity and sense of belonging when dealing with the bilingual issue at home. Locally, both United ISD and Laredo ISD have
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