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The concept of incapacitation indicates that individuals behind bars cannot commit a crime outside the perimeter of incarceration. The prevention strategy came due to efficacy issues with the rehabilitation model that resulted in increased crime rate and fear among the neighborhoods. These reasons justify the reason why people face imprisonment (Cullen & Gilbert, 1982). The majority accepts that lengthy incarceration acts as retribution for serious offenders and possesses the serious threat to the public if released. Is incapacitation a cost-saving crime prevention strategy? The deterrence and incapacitation should create space for the repeat and most dangerous offenders. The strategies would then lead to imprisonment of …show more content…

Several studies indicate that unless there is a fairly high risk of apprehension, the threat of tougher penalties does not the wiliness of individuals to engage in certain offenses (Turner, Petersilia & Deschenes,1992). In the United States, the crime rates fell during the 1990s in the different geographical and demographic areas. The portion of the results was attributed to the incapacitation effects. The lengthening of the prison sentence in many states was a result of habitual felon status and changes in the status of sentencing (Cullen Jonson & Nagin, 2011). However, recidivism remains a serious challenge and the rate remained at 67% according to the Bureau of Justice statistics 2005 (Travis et al 2005). The numerical heavily relies on various crime and cases. Since 1990, the recidivism rate increased, and the cost of incarceration continues to rise (Nagin, Cullen & Jonson, 2009). Some states are considering releasing inmates before their sentence come to an end. The release program tries to balance between reduction in crime and cost of incarceration. The incarceration program and policies do not work. Similar challenges are experienced in universities. In North Carolina, the court ordered a reduction in student suspension. The results lead to increase in crime

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