Incarceration Of The United States

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Currently the United States holds the leading position for having the largest prison population in the world. Considering this, the cost of re-incarcerating offenders after their release remains notably high to U.S Americans and our society. Recidivism is known as the reimprisonment of an individual that is released from prison but then later returns for being convicted of a new crime. However, there is essential data that proves the drastic reduction in recidivism through academic and vocational studies. Each year, it cost twice as much to provide a room and food for inmates than it would just to educate these prisoners.
As many people know, there is no right to education in the constitution. In despite of this, there are many institutions in the United States that promote and encourage schooling and other educational programs. Since a constitutional right does not exist, it is considered a privilege to gain basic educational training or even higher learning. When considering education a privilege, the adequacy of and attainability to educational programs for many depleted Americans remains scanty. In result, prison education becomes a matter left in the hands of prison administrators.
The availability of and the accessibility to educational and vocational programs in prison have been challenged by inmates- or representatives- in copious suits based on constitutional grounds. In addition, there have also been challenges that concern the shortage of these programs.

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