Inclusion In Special Education

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Special education- Special education provides students with disabilities with the support, resources, and services to help enhance their learning. Special education should includes the practices of providing various instructional, differentiated teaching, and different types of assessment in order to meet the needs of diverse learners and students with various disabilities. Special education should also include individualized assessment and planning as well as specialized instruction in order to meet the needs of individual learners. Special education should be individualized because every student learns differently. This means materials and curriculum may need to be modified in order to meet the needs of a student with disabilities. Special education should also involve collaboration between professionals, general education and special education teacher, the school district and parents in order to create a learning environment that bests fits the child.
Principles of effective inclusion- Inclusion creates and promotes diverse learning environments by accepting individuals of different backgrounds and abilities and believing they are all capable of learning. Inclusion allows students with disabilities to be educated in a general education classroom with their non-disabled peers. There are four important principles to inclusion that contribute to its success. The first principle involves challenging and exposing all student to engaging material. All students are taught

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