Inclusion Of Fiji And Why It Is Agreeable By Supporting The Argument With Evidence

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From ages women have not been given equal rights as man, although they are the sole purpose for a man. As men grew stronger and powerful then began to overrule women as they were in the world just to serve men’s. Moreover, women are likely to be looked at as a lower status then men. Furthermore, as a result women in the South Pacific have been facing inequality. In addition, women have started to accept that male are superior and they have to right to command and abuse. This essay will discuss the above statement with references to Fiji and why it is agreeable by supporting the argument with evidence.
To begin with, women stay home and look after their kids while men look for employment opportunities (Ravuvu 1983, 2010). This has been as
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If the men goes for kava drinking sessions, he sends a message for the rest of the family to have dinner without them. Neither the women nor the children are not supposed to have the meal before the head of the family. For instances, the head leader of the village has a meeting to attend to which deals with the upcoming transportation problem faces by the children of the village, this will begin with all the males getting together at villages hall. The meeting will last the whole night and messages are send to all the houses in the village for all the ladies to have their dinner before the men. Thus, this falls as a disadvantage to women as in a village most women live with their mother-in- law and has to accept the rules.
Moreover, families sends their sons for better education while upbringing their daughters to learn the village life. Parents sends their sons for better education in cities while the daughters have to learn to cook, marry and raise children in village. Elders have a mind-set that women are only supposed to stay home, they should not get educated because they will overrule men. The fear of getting overruled by a women haunts men, and as a precaution they do not allow women to go to school. Men also have the fear that if their wife gets educated she will have affairs with other men. Such as a father sent his sons and nephew to St Columbus Brothers School, which he had
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