Inclusive Practice Essay

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1. Introduction

Inclusive education is a move towards a learning environment where ‘special school’ learners are integrated into ‘mainstream’ education. According to Nind et al. (2005) ‘Education and educational provision is shared by both ‘normal’ pupils and those with a disability, at the expense of differences in the specific nature of each child or young person and her/his particular strengths and areas of weakness, and consequences that these differences have in terms of educational needs’. This means that the aim of inclusive practice is to create a neutral learning environment.
It should be noted that that every learner will have different needs and requirements and therefore, should be taught respectively. Equality is a vital
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This could be done through a number of avenues like SMS, Facebook, in class or through additional learning support (ALS) if the learner is receiving it. It would be a good idea for the teacher to work closely with ALS, as they may have more expertise within the field that the teacher could draw upon. It is important however, to remember that the environment created to make the learner included, should not set out to make other learners within the class excluded. For example; lateness, non-submission of work or bad behaviour need to be addressed as they would for any other learner within the class, unless there is reasonable and documented explanation for this.

A learner with a physical disability, such as a wheelchair user, will have some different learning barriers to those mentioned above. Access to the learning environment is crucial but should be the responsibility of the organisation rather than the teacher. All of our college buildings have wheelchair access however, the height of tables and computer desks may need adjustments to make the learning environment easily accessible and therefore more inclusive. A wheelchair user may have limited mobility and may not be able to participate fully in sessions, particularly those which are practical based. On the Central YMCA Courses (CYQ) fitness courses that I run, the grading criteria states that a learner must practically demonstrate
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