Income And Income Inequality

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Income Inequality & Minimum Wage
While its wildly known that United States is the land of opportunity, there is not much attention on that fact that for those with minimal education and experience, there is little room for growth. The American pay grade varies based on level of education, geographic location, gender, and citizenship status. Those with living circumstances and lifestyles beyond their control are too often limited by societal norms. Notably, those who make the mere minimum wage, generally, do not want to settle for such undesirable pay. The most principal issue with income inequality is that laborious and time-consuming work amounts to unlivable wages and little to no opportunities for advancement. Thus, to combat the issue of income inequality in American society, the government must acknowledge that increases in minimum wage are necessary.
Insufficient minimum wage is an issue that addresses many factors in a society. Economic standing, morale, and the overall state of the working class is influenced by the level of income equality among the employed. Minimum wage is the major issue in America as it effects issues such as wage gaps which in the longer term makes it harder to own houses as the housing market crash which caused a major damage to the middle class and the working class. The problems associated with low minimum wage can be described as varied. Minimum wage at the state and federal levels differ from each other. The minimum wage laws given by the
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