Income And Wealth Inequality Essay

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When arguments arise in the United States (US) about healthcare systems, the common rebuttal in opposition to a state-run universal healthcare system usually goes something like, “If universal healthcare is so great, then why do so many people from Canada come here [United States] for treatment?” Although this seems like a logical rebuttal, it really misses the point. Firstly, the belief that an abundance of Canadians flee to the US for healthcare purposes is largely a myth (Katz, Cardiff, Pascali, Barer, & Evans, 2002). Secondly, people from all over come to the US for healthcare due to some of the best hospitals in the world (Katz et al., 2002). After all, the US does spend the most per person on healthcare in the world, it makes sense that…show more content…
Within several of these countries, the levels of income and wealth inequality have not been experienced since prior to the first world war (Piketty, 2014). Awareness of widening income and wealth inequality has been increasing and has been considered to be a major problem by some – as evident by the 2016 presidential primary election and caucuses and also increasing academic work on the topic. Naturally, this increasing inequality allows a fairly small population to accumulate more economic capital, leaving less for the rest of the population. The rate of income and wealth inequality has not shown any signs of reversing or even leveling off (Piketty, 2014; Skopek, Buchholz, & Blossfeld, 2014). Acknowledging both disparities in health by SES and growing economic inequality in developed countries begs the question – does growing income and wealth inequality mean growing health inequality too? This essay seeks to answer this question on the assumption that the US would reveal greater levels of health disparities compared to other developed countries, which would be reflective of the greater levels of income and wealth inequality. Finding a close association between economic inequality and health disparities may unfold an initial approach to improve national
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