Incorporating Effective Strategies for Success as a Student

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A Plan to Incorporate Effective Strategies for Success as a Student The transition to college can be a difficult one. In addition to taking more difficult, more complex classes, many new college students are also experiencing a much greater degree of personal responsibility and independence than anything they have ever previously experienced. For some students, this transition is an easy one, and success in college comes with little or no effort. However, for many students, the transition is very difficult one, and those who are unable to develop greater personal responsibility may find themselves failing or in danger of failing. Therefore, it is important to incorporate effective strategies that highlight personal responsibility and make accountability a routine facet of daily life, in order to be successful as a student. These strategies include: 1) taking personal responsibility for success or failure; 2) choosing appropriate goals; 3) establishing a study-life balance; 4) maintaining personal health; 5) ensuring financial ability to cover school costs; and 6) overcoming obstacles. The first strategy that a student must embrace is accepting personal responsibility for success or failure. For many students, a pattern of denying personal responsibility has already been established by the time they enter into a college environment. Parents have intervened on the student's behalf or allowed students to blame others for their failures. In other words, a student's
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