Increase Funding for California Schools

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Increase Funding for California Schools Jode Williamson Comm/215 July 28, 2010 Samuel Trident “California has cut $18 billion, one-third of state school funding, from money for kindergarten through high school over the past three years.” USA Today (Welch, 2011). Budget cuts to the California Public School System, which is the underlying factor in the deterioration of the quality of education, has had a negative impact on every facet of society. From students to teachers to employers, all have felt the effects of decreased funding of schools. The state of California is headed in the wrong direction by reducing school funding and unless a solution is found to minimize or put a halt to these reductions, our children will bear the…show more content…
The state budget cuts have also taken a toll to both teachers and parents’ pocketbooks. According to (Kloberdanz-Modesto, 2011) “As parents have quickly learned from this year’s long donation list and increased frequency of car washes and bake sales, it really may take a village to run the local school.” I have experienced firsthand for the past five years how much the donation lists have increased. From only having to purchase school supplies for my son, I now also purchase supplies for the classroom just to ensure my child has all the tools he would need in order to get his education. When my son first started school, I remember his school supply list requested only for a couple of pencils, erasers, and color pencils. Now his list has contains his personal school supplies and donations of hand sanitizer, paper towels, computer paper, lined paper, packs of pencils, packs of erasers, white board markers, and the list goes on. I honestly do not mind, but what about the other parents who cannot afford it? Just this previous year I got close with a parent whose child was also in my son’s class. I remember her asking if I would mind for her to purchase the “not so expensive items” from the list because she was tight on funds. I could see in her facial expression that she was embarrassed to ask the question, but without adequate financing what are we to do as parents to ensure our children receive the tools they need for their education? We dig into

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