Increase Pay - Pulling Comps From Hospitals And Other Healthcare Organizations

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Increase Pay - Pulling comps from hospitals and other healthcare organizations for RN positions to evaluate and compare payrate discrepancies for comparable positions and duties to is the first step in recognizing inequality of pay for RN’s amongst various organizations. Once identified, work with the budget accountant to see if there are ways to promote nurses that are underpaid and devise steps to accomplish these salary challenges. Although increase in pay may keep nurses happy, it will drain the budget causing financial strain.
Re-organize staffing structure to hire new nursing staff – LTC facility nurses have much larger patient base to care for during their shift compared to hospital nurses. While hospital nurse’s ay
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If they perceive any negative behavior on your part, all the work for the teambuilding exercises, will mean nothing to them. Certain employees will resume back to the negative feeling regarding their jobs.
These solutions provide a positive working atmosphere for the nurses and boost morale. The staff nurses will feel appreciated and it will reflect in their care. Patients care safety will increase and loss of patients will decrease. Negative impact equals no change in quality of patient care.
New solutions to nurse retention is the use of humanoid robots to work alongside nurses, perform on command and will be programmed to perform certain duties that a live nurse would do. Of course, we are still in the developmental stages of full robotic use, ones that can be programmed to perform certain duties of that as nurse but will work alongside nurses. Robots introduce a new age of technology that will eliminate some human interaction but will fill in for the lack of human nurses.
Hiring nurses from other countries that have comparable education and experience is the answer to recruiting nurses that are needed. There is the possibility that these nurses may stay with the organizations longer than nurses groomed in the country.
A new solution to compromised care of patients due to understaffed nurses is having medical robot assistance. If robotic device can be used in surgeries to improve the outcome

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