Increase in Bottled Water Sales in the US

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The thirsty customer who enters a convenience store will be faced with a variety of choices for bottled water. Decorative labels, purity claims, and price points are all carefully calculated to entice the consumer to select a particular brand. I do not like to purchase bottled water which is not to say that I never do. First, I am concerned about the environment. In general, I am careful about the products I purchase and the packaging that is used. I recycle as a matter of routine, but I really do try to monitor my consumption of disposable items so that less recycling is necessary. Second, my family likes to refer to me as "The Cheapskate." The price of bottled water, in my opinion, is outrageous, and I begrudge having to pay for a commodity that can easily be obtained for free. For these two reasons, I fill a big bottle of water before I leave home and keep it with me so that I do not have to rely on bottled water. I must admit to being forgetful on occasion. I have left my empty water bottle in the car and forgotten to bring it in to refill. I have also left a newly filled bottle on the kitchen counter and rushed out the door without it. If I find myself somewhere without a drinking fountain, I have to resort to bottled water. It also happens that some venues, ballparks and movie theaters for example, do not permit customers to bring in their own water. Since I am not a soda drinker, I will sometimes purchase water in those situations, although I am generally incensed

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