Increasing Minimum Wage Essay

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According to the American Journal of Public Health, found that the wage increase would decrease the risk of premature death by 5 percent for adults ages 24 to 44 living in households with an income of about $20,000 (Krisberg, 2017)
Having a low income can lead to poor to health, because you won’t have access or opportunities for better health, such as safe homes, nutritious foods and good schools. “Income may not be the strongest risk factor for any particular disease or outcome, but it’s a risk factor for all of them.” (Krisberg, 2017)

I could understand how the minimum wage could affect families because my family was one of the minimum wage worker with no skills. every day I had to watched my mother who was sick at that time worrying about her family.

Raising the minimum wage for a better tomorrow
If we want our generation to be healthy and happy, also
Increasing the minimum wage would reduce poverty and allow family to afford housing and their necessity RAISING MINIMUM WAGE NOT ONLY GOOD GOR OUR WALETS BUT FOR OUR HEALTH TOO!
FLORIDA MINIMUM WAGE “Florida's state minimum wage rate is $8.10 per hour. This is greater …show more content…

What’s in it to lose? Nothing because by doing so it can help to reduce the government welfare spending at the same time helping someone to at least make ends meet. Therefore, raising the minimum wage will help people to take of their family basic needs such as good nutritious food, instead of the unhealthy food, health assurance for them to go to the doctor and a place to stay. People that work minimum wages not always able to afford their basic needs. They sometimes prone to sickness because of their unhealthy lifestyle and with no health assurance they won’t be able to afford to go the doctor or their

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