Incremental Algorithm For Software Piracy

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Incremental Algorithm to detect software Piracy

¬¬¬Statement of purpose
Now-a-days software is being distributed illegally and most of the people use this pirated software. As this is free to use people are not concern about the quality. The people who pirates the software they cannot buy the software but they just put their names after cracking the software for fame. No update is available for any pirated software. Sometimes fake pirated software can harm people stealing information or spreading viruses.
Firstly, I was not concerned about the pirated software when I started using computer first. I searched for full version software and got the cracked software. Downloading this software, I started using that software. Suddenly, one day I saw a news on an online newspaper that cracked software may contain virus and may hijack information from anywhere using the internet. After reviewing that news, I started to search for software piracy over the internet and saw so many articles over there.
I noticed some statistics that most of the people use pirated software, windows etc. A research says that around 50 percent people of the world use pirated software. This is a huge number and it is a matter of concern. If persons who work in government sector, defense or any important position in any organization use pirated software, all the internal news, information may be transferred to their opposition and it may

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