India and China Overpopulation Essays

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Human population is drastically increasing by the second, with the addition of one billion people every 12 years. Overpopulation creates an abundant amount of issues ranging from environmental and social problems. Nations attaining copious amounts of population introduce a wide array of problems to the world around and such nations. These environmental problems consist of but are not limited to lack of resources such as food and water; which may cause malnutrition in large populations, poor air quality, and overuse of fossil fuels such as petroleum. Social issues that arise from having a superabundant population consist of overcrowding, limits on freedom, and an increased amount of uprising and conflict within the nation itself. China and…show more content…
After several years of neglecting the use of contraceptives and increasing the size of China’s population, the vast population was causing the nation’s food supply to diminish as well as depleting the nation’s supplies. In 1955, government officials in China launched several campaigns in which they promoted birth control, but their efforts took a step backward with the introduction of the Great Leap Forward, which was Mao Zedong’s attempt to quickly turn China into a far more advanced and industrialized nation. It proved to be destructive, communities collectivized and went from farming to producing steel. This caused food supply to slip behind and by 1962, an enormous famine caused 30 million deaths (4). This caused officials to once again focus on limiting the population growth. The campaigns to limit population growth were once again delayed due to the Cultural Revolution in 1966, but the propaganda campaign began again in 1969. “Late, Long and Few” was a slogan used throughout the campaign and the limit on population growth proved to be successful. China’s population growth dropped by half from 1970 to 1976 (4). However, the population was leveling off once again and this caused officials to induce more impactful measures. China’s One-Child Policy has become a successful approach and has slowed population growth drastically. China is the most populated country in the world with a population of
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