India 's Independence And Present Day India

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WH Research Paper Rough Draft – Gandhi Truthfully, one becomes speechless and unsure of where to begin when conversing about Bapu. What can be said for a mentor, leader, politician, and human being like Mahatma Gandhi? Words are vulnerable to describe such a god-like figure. His life is his message from which people around the world have inspired their own lives from. He was from a middle class family, an average student in school, shy, nervous, could not muster courage to speak in public, nor was a good writer. Despite these facts, Gandhi went on to become the “Father of the Nation”. When hearing such things, certain questions would cross the mind such as how did he do all of this? What made people follow him to such an extent that they would stake their own lives for him? Why did people follow him? Such questions intrigues and puts oneself in wonderment of how India’s independence and present-day India’s modern nationalism came to existence. Nevertheless, the dedication, non-violence, and the faith of Satyagra enforced by Gandhi led to the independence of India, hence creating a modern nationalism for present-day India. This outcome came due to two major reasons, patriotism and satyagra. Without the relevance and balance of both of these reasons, India would have never gained the freedom and nationalism it has today.

The sole morality of Satyagraha became the path to gaining independence from the British. Satyagra was the greatest weapon that Gandhi used to defeat the

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