India 's Lack Of Poverty

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According to the Human Index of Development, India is classified as a developing country. Unlike other less developed countries, India has a developed industrial sector that has boomed in the past 30 years. Yet India still remains a less developed nation and most Indians remain poor despite the country’s success in industry. Out of the 1.3 billion people in India, 29.8 percent of the population lives in poverty. Seventy-three percent of these individuals reside in rural areas. The livelihood of the impoverished Indian population is very difficult and the opportunities to remove oneself from poverty are very slim. The ancient religious Caste system, although made illegal in 1947, still exists and is followed to the detriment of the …show more content…

Outside of this system is an even lower level called the untouchables. About 77% of India’s population is part of the ‘Shudras’ and ‘the untouchables’ castes; in the past, caste dictated almost every aspect of Hindu religious and social life. Although the caste system is not as prominent in the country as it once was, it still exists today in the rural communities. In 1950, Independent India banned discrimination on the basis of this caste system in order to level the playing field for those disadvantaged by the system. Job quotas were created in government and education positions. Individuals born in the lower caste take on jobs such as farming, fishing, working with cattle and many other jobs commonly seen in rural areas. Many have a hard time finding jobs at all. The caste system is a large cause of the poverty in India because it forces 77% of the population into low paying jobs; these individuals are not allowed to ever break away from their predetermined life or are not given the opportunity to attain a higher paying job. Last names are almost always an indication to which caste a person belongs. Individuals living with this low status are also looked down upon, which effects how they are treated socially. For example, it is common for landowners to charge a higher rent to those belonging to the lower caste. With low incomes they are unable to pay a high rent which ultimately leaves them to settle in

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