Indian Imperialism Essay

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Even though the british did many negative things in india imperialism was mostly positive because modern technology was created in India, education increased and many new jobs were created all during imperialism in India. The first positive point of imperialism in India is modern technology. One huge part of modern technology in India is the new railways built by 1853 in India.This helped the indians with transportation and trading all over India. They were now able to travel to different parts of India since india is very big with out railways it would take a long time to travel to a different part of india. Brand new telegraphs were created in India which meant that they could communicate faster with other countrys or even states in india . Brand new telegraphs…show more content…
New jobs were created for example when the british men that got to india the indian work for them as their servants. The india's also got jobs as laborers since new railways and bridges were built they needed people that would do the work this was a huge advantage for the indians because railways and bridges were built all over india and it took time for the railways and bridges to be built and anyone would be able to work and built. New jobs were created which helped the economy in India and people were not living in poverty with the new jobs created. Imperialism in India brought new jobs to India which helped with the economy and less people were living in poverty due to all the new jobs created which also brought money and people would not be starving because they don't have money for food. Imperialism in India was more positive than negative because it brought modern technology, education increased and new jobs in all over India were created this proves that imperialism in India was much more positive than
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