Indian Wedding Traditions : Ancient India

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Ancient Indian Wedding Traditions Can you imagine a society where brides are sold to grooms and aren’t expected to date before they marry? In ancient India, this was proposed as the norm for marriages. Marriages were more commonly seen as a financial deal rather than the joining of two individuals who are in love. We may laugh and say, “How crazy were they back then?” but some of these ancient traditions still hold some value in India’s society today. Through ostentatious detail, ancient Indian weddings took a lot of time, money, and effort to produce. Ancient Indian parents often married their daughters off at a young age. The average age of marriage in ancient India was sixteen for boys and even younger for girls (Uberoi 327). In other societies, it is permitted for women to stay single. In ancient India, this was prohibited. It was expected that girls be “married off before they became nubile” (Auboyer 177). Most parents wanted to marry off their daughters as early as they could for several reasons. If a woman lost her virginity, she was automatically unmarriageable, which spiked numbers of prostitutes and lesbians. To have a lesbian or prostitute daughter would be shameful to the whole family. By marrying off their daughters at a young age, the chance of their becoming these two things was almost impossible. Another reason for parents to marry off their daughters at such a young age was because, unlike boys, girls were completely financially reliable on their fathers
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