Indifference and Intolerance in America in Nicholas Kristof´s Americans History of Fear

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An article by Nicholas Kristof titled, “Americas History of Fear” which mentions how America is not indifferent, but does not know how to deal with newcomers or immigrants. Fear and intolerance has been seen throughout America’s history. An event of this kind would be what recently happened in the Los Angeles L.A.X. airport; it was reported that a man began shooting and killed innocent people. Many people saw this person which includes his race and are now fearful. This even contributes to the reason why it is so relevant today. There has not been much change; therefor, today there are many minorities facing intolerance or indifference socially. Also, the ambivalence that many people show nowadays is similar to what most people did in the past and there are historical facts that document the struggles that have happened to many minorities like injustice. Many people may say history is irrelevant for modern days because it’s in the past, but is it really? Some antecedents of what has occurred to minorities are seen in the novel When The Emperor was Divine by Julie Otsuka. She mentions in her novel about what happened to many Japanese Americans how its “it’s a dark stain that won’t go away” (5). Otsuka points out a dark time in history that will not go away. With that quote, she tries to warn citizens about what occurred in the past. Even though that is history, it is still much relevant today. There are still minorities

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