Indigenous People By Thomas King

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Indigenous people are constantly put into categories by the North American government without the White Canadians and Americans realizing it. Thomas King has a particular notion that as a society there are three classifications that an Indigenous person can fall under; Dead, Live, or Legal Indian. King uses the term Indian which some may seem as offensive although King proclaims: “Terminology is always a rascal” and that there will never be a correct term to use, he suggests using the term that people call themselves. Considering King’s quote this paper will mainly include the terms Indian and Indigenous when referring to Native Americans. Thomas King explains a Dead Indian as the North American indigenous cliché of beaded, shirts, fringed deerskin dresses, loincloths, and moccasins. With this description, Dead Indians are those who are noticeably Indigenous due to their clothing that is typically only worn for ceremonies or dances. Live Indians are the forgotten about because they happened to be forced into a reservation, dispersed in the rural areas, and cityscapes of North America whereas King suggests where they were supposed to die out. King suggests that Live Indians are the Indigenous people who are living in North America currently. Live Indians are biological Indians, but due to the white society’s perception of the Indigenous People Live Indians are not “real” Indians. Lastly, Legal Indians are also Live Indians, but only the ones who are recognized by the
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