Indigenous Religions : Native American Indians Essay

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Around the world, many indigenous religions exist and share their beliefs and culture with other individuals around them. Indigenous religions are unique because in the world today, a lot of people can go back in history and reveal that they came from indigenous people. When examining indigenous religions, there are a variety of cultures within this religion, but specifically looking at the Native American Indian tribes, there were many ways they practiced their culture in order to serve a purpose. In the 19th century, indigenous religions such as the Plain Indians or Native American Indians practiced a religious ceremony every year called the Sun Dance. Specific tribes that participated in this ritual included the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Crow, Sioux, Plains Cree, Plains Ojibway (Chippewa), Ponca, Ute, Shoshone, Kiowa, and Blackfoot. Even though these tribes practiced the same rituals, the way they approached the ceremony varied. When the Sun Dance was first introduced, the origin was unknown, but it still offered these tribes a way of rebirth and renewal within their lives. In the 1900’s the Sun Dance was banned for a short time because it was considered “superstitious rather than religious” and as a part of the ceremony the tribes would inflict self-torture and that was considered morbid. Eventually, in the mid-20th century (1930), it was no longer banned, and these tribes could continue their ceremony every year. From the 19th century to today, the Sun Dance Ceremony is still

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