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Individual Research Project: CPA What is a CPA? A CPA is a certified public accountant whom is licensed by the state board of accountancy. A CPA licenses just as a law license symbolizes that concept of mastering the elements of the profession of accounting. In achieving such a licenses an accountant is recognized by peers, clients, government and the public for skills, dedication and quality of work. Accountants whom further their educations by becoming a CPA have a larger variety of opportunities to choose from, such as Auditing, Business and management Consulting, Information Technology, International Financial Reporting and Tax Advisory Services (NASBA). In today’s economy and technological advances the career security is the most …show more content…

The experience must be acquired after completing required courses to sit for CPA exam (CPA-General Exam & Licensing Informtion). Becoming a CPA, is a very time consuming and expensive career, but with a little help from programs in the upstate it has become more affordable. Thanks to Anderson University’s new Business Administration- Accounting (CPA track) program it has become an achievable goal. Offering a Bachelor’s degree with all the requirements for an average tuition of $12,000 a year, about half the price of comparable programs in the state (Business Administration-Accounting (CPA track)). Thus, giving an opportunity to afford a Masters of Accounting, which is a one year degree around the state. Within every career you must juggle with the opportunity cost of the choices you have made, becoming a CPA the opportunity cost of all those long nights studying rather than working pays off in the long run. Robert Half’s 2016 Salary for Accounting and Finance states that “professionals with a graduated degree or certification (like a CPA license) make 5 to 15% more” (NASBA). Currently in the Greenville, South Carolina within the Financial Services an Accountants salary range is $45,000 to $60,000 meanwhile a Tax Accountants salary range is $60,000 to $80,000. Although both have the same amount of experience the someone who holds a certification have the potential to make

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