Essay on Individuality in Korean Art

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Individuality in Korean Art

Considering the ancient art of Korea, unfortunately, not much is known. The country of Korea has been constantly shaped and reshaped by existing civilizations, namely, China. Korea's vulnerability geographically, has made Korea constantly throughout history open to many influences- namely China. Despite this overwhelming influx of alien influence from China, Korea's art forms indeed had maintained it's individuality. The Chinese and Korean peoples are very different; ethnically, and culturally. Therefore, even though Korea did attempt to mimic styles from the Chinese, it still maintained it's overall individualistic forms. In my paper I would like to emphasize the marked individuality of Korea. That …show more content…

Shamanism, a religion indigenous to the Korean people, was formed thereby influencing early Korean art, and is to remain influential throughout Korean history up to present history.

Trading with China started at about 100 BC. Up to this time, Korean art remained distinctly different from its massive neighbor. Korean art reflected or was categorized, prior to Chinese influence, as Scytho-Siberian style. A style that is indigenous in the country of Scythia, near the Black and Aral Seas). The artifacts consist of small portable metal artifacts made out of metal, such as weapons, horse fittings, belt buckles, taking on the shape of animals.(3, Moes) Because the early Korean people were nomadic, their art took on the shape of everyday life, like riding on horses, etc. Korean art had changed even more by the pushing Hsuing-Nu tribes, or the Huns, a Turkish speaking tribe, that introduced to the Korean people, Iron and Bronze into their daily needs and warfare, and ultimately, into their art. Then trade started with China and escalated, way into the modern period. One sees appropriations of Chinese culture and Korean culture. A belt hook, in the shape of a horse, found in Lo-Lang, Korea, typically is hound in China. Here the beginning influence of Chinese art is seen in this piece. The Chinese civilization in Korea, Lolang, opened the door for the influx o Chinese culture. And

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