Compare and Contrast Analysis

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Compare and Contrast Analysis Introduction Culture is defined by a construction of one's world-view, and it is transmitted by individuals and collectives through socialization and enculturation (Pederson & Ivey, 13). It contains values, beliefs, language, and perception. In studying cultural differences among members of distinct national, ethnic groups researcher have examined the concept of collectivism and individualism. People form individualistic cultures tend to view themselves as unique entities and independent form one another (Coon & Kemmelmeier, 348) The current essay is a compare and contrast analysis of two persons whom the author interviews. Two individuals included in this study were my friends. Both are my college friends and belong to Korea. The girl is Jain Lee and she is studying at college with me. The name of the boy is Hyunbo Park and he is also studying at college with me. Being young students both represent the young Korean generation from their looks and appearances as well as likes and dislikes as is obvious from their photos below that. The author has reviewed and compared their personalities within the contest of culture. The Two Culture Theory as well as Individualistic and Collectivistic cultural theories have also been focused. Â Jain Lee (Korean) college student Lee is my friend and she is with me in the college. I told her about the purpose of my assignment and asked her that I need to interview a person for this assignment. I asked
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