Indus River Valley Civilization

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The Indus River Valley civilization was an ancient civilization located on a subcontinent called India. The Indus River Valley civilization was naturally isolated by the Himalayas and the east and west Ghat mountains. The ancient civilization was located near a river, like most of the ancient civilizations of their time. Because India was surrounded by mountains on all sides, the subcontinent was very prone to attacks. A major problem for the Indus River Valley civilization was the constant monsoons it had. India had two different types of monsoons, the winter monsoon and the summer monsoon. The Indus River Valley civilization depended on the summer monsoon, because that is when they got most of their rain. When the winter monsoon hit the …show more content…

It is also believed they participated in the maritime trade network. The ancient civilization would trade many different types of things, for example they traded silver, gold, seashells, flint, and gemstones. Cotton was one of the most important items the ancient civilization traded. The Indus River Valley civilization had one of the largest trade routes of their time, which expanded from Mesopotamia to China.

The Indus River Valley civilization society was based around a social hierarchy, which was divided into groups based upon occupations. The highest group of the social hierarchy was the Brahmins, or also known as priests. The second highest group of the hierarchy was the Kshatriyas, or warriors. The third group were called the Vaisyas, which consisted of the herders, farmers, artisans, and merchants. The fourth group consisted of people who had little or no Aryan heritage called the Sudras, they consisted of farm workers, servants, and other laborers. The lowest group of the social hierarchy was the dalits, they did work no one else wanted to do. Their social class determined who they could marry, what kind of education they could get, where they could live, and what jobs they could get.

The Indus River Valley religion was polytheistic, which meant they believed in many god. The ancient civilization worshipped god and goddesses who embodied natural forces. The main god the civilization worshiped was Indra, the god of war. Indra´s was weapon

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