Industrialization Of The Earth 's Oceans

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Since the dawn of time, the existence and condition of the Earth’s oceans have been a major continuity throughout history. All seven seas serve as an extensive home to an estimated one million discovered species who rely on the ocean’s ecosystem to survive. As time progressed and the human race evolved, so did technology and industrialization. During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, industrial revolutions took place all over the planet, spreading new technology and ethics all throughout the world. Even though the rapid increase in mechanics and machinery seemed to be beneficial for humans, they were unaware of the repercussions industrialization had on the well-being of the oceans. New problems arose along with the amount of industrial activity. As factories began to become powered by coal rather than by water from nearby rivers, puffs of smoke rose into the air, leading to pollution. Mass production of goods caused an a plethora of excess product, leading to litter and waste being disposed into the ocean. Also, technologically advanced boats emerged with new untraditional methods of fishing that allowed fishermen to capture hundreds of fish at a time. Overall, major issues have arisen in the ocean due to human activity. The ocean is a crucial source of life for an abundance of life forms, however, factors such as global warming, pollution and overfishing are major contributors to habitat destruction and extinction of wildlife in marine environments.

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