The World Is Blue By Sylvia Earle

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Nikki Etchenique Dr. Harper Marine Biology November 24, 2014 The World is Blue Final Paper In 2009, Dr. Sylvia Earle wrote The World is Blue to educate and alert the reader about human impacts on marine ecosystems. Through this book she conveys her passion and methodical arguments concerning the importance of the conservation of the ocean, which encompasses approximately 80 percent of the earth’s surface. Dr. Earle states “the ocean touches you with every breath you take, every drop of water you drink, every bite you consume” (17). This statement emphasizes the significance of the ocean, not only for marine life, but all life forms on earth. The book implies that currently in today’s world, the conservation of the ocean requires a global effort to reduce human damage from the past generations. Using facts gleaned from credible scientific resources, she defines the problems of overfishing, bycatch, and pollution. By analyzing human impacts on marine ecosystems, Dr. Earle determines successful and unsuccessful solutions to these problems and suggests various ways individuals can change their lifestyles to reduce impact on the environment as a whole. One may find it difficult to imagine the world as it was a century ago. However, Dr. Earle informs us that with less than a quarter of the population occupying the Earth, “many believed that the ocean could yield limitless quantities of fish, whales, and other marine wildlife” (30). Through her book, she points out one problem
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