Inequality Between Poverty And Poverty

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The world has improved in the last two decades in ending the terms of inequalities and poverty. Many countries are determined to improve their economy, and become fully developed just like the United States. In my home country, Kuwait, poverty do not exist, however, inequalities do. Some of the countries that have done well in the recent past include China, India, Brazil, and South Korea. However, poverty and inequalities are still being realized in the wealthy nation. Poverty and inequalities in the society are the two main factors that extend suffering and hinder their ability to realize a quality life. Inequality is a factor that promotes poverty because it hinders appropriate sharing of resources in the society. Inequality on key areas such as education, success, and work hinders people’s ability to advancement. It can also affect people’s ability to gain money and become reliable based on their income in the society. Inequalities reductions can be justified with effective equity considerations. Poverty and inequalities are the two main factors that Angele a Locke, Yglesias and The Economist argue about. These two factors also lower the living standards and limit people’s ability to advance. This paper will not only discuss the stereotypes we discussed in class such as the education’s role on success and the role of family in success, but also some subtopics and stereotypes of the poor including causes of poverty and inequalities, their impact and their solutions. This…
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