A History Of Inequality In The United States

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Inequality has been seen throughout history and socially by how people differentiate each other by what they have. It started with hunting and gathering in that the wealthiest had the most power and told their tribe what to do and had most of the goods.In the middle ages where they started to use other people as their workers to work for their land. Everything has changed from 1940 until present day by government, technology, and globalization having high poverty in the country. For instance recently President Trump has been one of the richest man in the U.S having many companies earning good income. Since he is part of the 1% he proposed to cut taxes down to 15% which increases inequality. It’s a good propose for the wealthy people the …show more content…

This kind of technology making smart phones,computers,robots that does work that people do. It benefits the country because they do not have to spend money in paying people for the job that they are doing instead having technology having control of everything and easier. Giving certain amount of opportunity to people to work and manage this kinds of technology.This kinds of jobs are give those who are educated in using high technology, which most of them require a college degree. Unfortunately,not everyone has the opportunity to go to college because more than half live in the middle class or lower class. Making it difficult for the people to have a stable job. Addition to this, inequality is mostly seen this past years since 2007 that people that don’t go to college work in places where they get minimum wage. Although they can work full time they would still be in the level of …show more content…

Also, leading to outsourcing where other countries work for the U.S. For instance, when having a card and having a question about it they hire people from other countries like in India. Its convenient for the company because they don't have to pay as much. Even though, there is still many of companies with people that work for low wages they are seen in different countries one of the main countries is China. Everything that we see in the United States is made in China because they have plenty of sweatshop jobs that people work for. For example one of the main companies in the United States is Apple and they are made in china in different fabrics. People that work in making this products are really risky because they are unsafe and do really harsh

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