Influence Of Culture On Culture

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1. What is culture? How does culture influence communication behavior? In what ways can we improve our cultural communication skills? Culture is all the things we learn as part of being with a group of people. This includes, language, shared symbols and values. These are the things we learn as we grow. Within our main or base culture other co-cultures can exist. An example of this would be I am an American citizen, I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, graduated from Maury High School and I work in Portsmouth, Virginia. English is my primary language, I vote in every election, I file my IRS taxes every year. All these things make my culture primarily American, however, my co-culture is that of an African descendent American woman. I learned other things that were a part of this culture, how to care for my hair which is much different from that of American culture. The history of African descendent people in American is also different than that of the base or American culture. So, everything I learned from Black History, to soul food, our church is all learned information and different from American culture. We can learn to improve our communication skills with knowledge about other people and cultures. We can read more and learn to interact with other people. We need to embrace others with the understanding that everyone is different but we are all still the same. We should always keep an open mind when dealing with new situations and never be afraid or ashamed to apologize
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