Influence Of Food On Society

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The Influence of Food on Human Society Food is the largest factor in the changes of humanity, making life what it is today. From the places people live to the ideas and beliefs of the public, food is responsible for many people’s outlook on life. In the book, An Edible History of Humanity written by Tom Standage, the history of food and how it shaped the world are displayed. Food has had many political and social influences on society, ultimately changing the world. The political and social impacts of food are very similar on society when examining the globalization in the world, caution about planting and eating different foods, and the competition between people, but food also has many contrasting effects on society such as the freedoms given to people, the spreading of wealth and power throughout a community, and the population of the world today. Primarily, the globalization in society can be traced back to food’s influence on European exploration and the cultural connection created during the airlifts into West Germany. Beginning in the 15th century, countries in Europe had a political race to explore the unknown world. Once arriving in foreign lands, explorers discovered unique crops only located in these areas. The foods unique to these places sparked interest in countries and encouraged them to send expeditions to these new locations. As the search for new and different foods spanned the globe, people, beliefs, and culture from these places were spread
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