Influence Of The Haitian Revolution

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The purpose of this research is to highlight the influence of the Haitian Revolution in the New World. The Haitian revolution is one of the largest and most successful revolts in the western hemisphere, lasting from 1791 to 1804. The outcome of this revolt against the French was the abolition of slavery and the founding of the Republic of Haiti. It’s impact could be felt throughout numerous countries producing various ranges of emotions such as fear, anger, and hope. The Haitian revolution also had an impact on the political changes in the New World producing new laws and regulations to prevent uprisings and revolts in the U.S. While it is important to focus on the major victory won by the enslaved peoples of the Republic of Haiti, it is also equally important to expound on Haiti’s history with race and enslavement that ultimately led to the demise of France’s reign. Long before the French Arrived in Haiti, it was a civilized society that had many Native peoples governing and cultivating the land. Historians struggle with the arrival date of people on the Island however are certain that by 1200 A.D the natives had settled in and called this land their home. The original natives of this land are known as the Arawaks and operated as hierarchical system where status, prestige, and rankings were assigned to different peoples of the land in order to carry out their daily routines for the society to function. Duties such as fishing, hunting, and agriculture were important tasks

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