Influences on My Life

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What we truly believe of ourselves do reflect our true image to the society like good or bad, rich or poor, and right or wrong . It is obvious, nothing is important to us as the concept of us to hold of ourselves. We should all learn our self-image by ourselves either learning from our experiences, observations,or experimenting alone. Unfortunately, most people are afraid to be self-reliant, afraid to take a chance on their own good luck, instead preferring to learn their self-image from the eternal ignorance of their families, society, and their peers. Genetic decomposition does play a major role in human’s life. So, my genetic values have helped me considerably throughout my life and helped me to develop an extrovert…show more content…
Culture that we are familiar with while growing up, play a pivotal role and can shape how we perceived ourselves spiritually. It gives us a defining sense of self and can dictate what our values become. Since our culture shapes how we react under certain situations, encountering another culture can either disrupt this thought pattern or strengthen it. For example, I grew up in a Muslim Asian family. My father had an ordinary job, mother was a housewife, raising a big family wasn’t an easy task. We have very little in our hands. Culture values were the only thing that my parents have cemented into our roots, because our culture has a special value in our lives and a place in our society. It is a combination of both human laws and strong religious values that made a standard for everyone to follow. When I came to America, in the beginning, it was somewhat difficult for me to manage my cultural values, religious believe and my modern understanding along with American’s cultural pattern. I felt very self-conscious and went through a period where my self-image was much damaged. My parents brought me in believing that I could do anything I wanted in a society that traditionally discouraged from believing and I could excel in life. I had to reach deep down into my own value system from the original culture from where I had learned trust, sincerity, honesty and respect and understand that nothing was wrong with who I
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