Influential Factors of Teenage Smoking

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The amount of money Americans spend towards curing a smoking related disease is relatively near ninety-six dollars a year. Smoking is a process where tobacco is inhaled orally. Traditionally, people who smoke being doing so because of constant tobacco advertising and areas where tobacco is publically sold. Teenagers usually start smoking cigarettes because of multiple factors influencing society. In order for teenagers to realize what effects smoking has on the body, society must create ways for the youth to not be misled by the promotion and public advertisements of tobacco products.
Background information about teenagers smoking As teenagers start to smoke on a regular basis, there is a progression of negative effects. Some effects such as an addiction, a disease, and possibly a result of death could do serious harm to the body according to the Washington Post (Brady A.3). Currently, there is an estimation of about 3,300 teenagers who try smoking and 700 to 800 of those teens become addicted each day (A.3). There are various amounts of tobacco products that teenagers are attracted by, such as electronic cigarettes and cigars, which are currently uprising in the youth population. Electronic cigarettes have had a large increase between the years 2011-2012 (“Emerging Tobacco Products” …NP). The number of middle school students have been able to use the electronic devices went from 0.6% to 1.1% between the years 2011-2012. The percentage of high school students who use

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