What Are the Reasons of the Teenagers in Smoking

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Tobacco contains nicotine, a highly addictive drug, smokers are aware in this. Even people who haven’t been addicted to smoking at all, why do they take up smoking? What are the reasons? Why they engaged there selves to this kind of habit? Curiousness convinced me to study this problem. One of my objectives in this study is to know how important that reasons of smokers why they used to link and addicted in this habit.
It seems obvious that smoking is very bad, and people tell us not to smoke. Yet in everyday life, there are people, especially the teenagers now who scattered everywhere that you see they’re smoking. Nowadays, teenagers have their own way just to please their satisfaction. They’re just aware in the
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Next time, I’m going for quality over price because if I’m going to inhale toxic fumes into my lungs, it better be delicious tasting. So far, cigarette reviews on YouTube seem to be the best source of information regarding strength, flavour and smell.

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Cigarettes Are Evil…and delicious
JULY 6, 2012

Or should I say deliciously evil… I write this after having numerous smoking dreams last night. It must have been an alternate universe but in the dream I was outside smoking with my co-workers before school started. This would never happen, ever. Many of my co-workers are, however, closet smokers or former smokers that occasionally indulge.
Today, in between tackling my massive to-do list I contemplated buying some cigarettes. I haven’t bought cigarettes for myself in a very long time. There something about cigarette smoking that is so much more alluring than the other types of tobacco smoking I also enjoy. Both pipe and cigar smoke is more flavourful and pleasant tasting. I get a pleasant buzz from doing all three but I think what it comes down to is inhaling. I know some people can inhale pipe or cigar smoke… but I am not one of those people. Cigarettes are designed to make it easy for you to inhale thus making them far more efficient at delivering the drug.
I think my boyfriend gets my attraction to smoking. He offered me cigars last night and I turned them down. He turned to me and said, “You just want a cigarette, don’t
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