Informatics Paper On A Clinical Issue

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Informatics Paper on a Clinical Issue Information technology(IT) in the 21st century has brought in several innovative changes in the physician practice and hospital system.There are several new possibilities and opportunities for information use and communication, at the same time there are new ethical, clinical, and legal concerns that have arisen with the use of information technology.As healthcare is growing complex, the majority of the studies focuses on new modalities of diagnosis and treatment.Conversely, no effort is targeted on improving operational systems.Although IT has brought in a mass customization, it poses threat to the medical safety ( Jorgenson, Notman, Benedek, & Malmquist, 2011). Recently, privacy and security concerns …show more content…

We might perceive this as an isolated simple act of mistake, but this routinely happens in the patient care settings if the employees are not educated or refreshed adequately about the seriousness of HIPPA violation. This type of ignorance can adversely affect provider, patients, and individual caregiver.According to Jorgenson, Notman, Benedek & Malmquist,2011, group email for the patient family can be a source of invasion of privacy if it is shared inadvertently with other users.Certainly, email can be a simple way of communication to keep up with the patient to save time and avoid the problems of missed calls.However, emails that contain patient information can pose a lot of issues due to lack of security. Sometimes emails can get directed to wrong recipients and also can get copied to unwanted individuals if caution is not taken.Often times, email communication can cross boundaries of professional communication to the personal communication.Also, patients can get preoccupied with personal emails from their provider and any simple statement can be perceived differently and used against the provider in lawsuits.Therefore, email should be used judiciously in patient care situations.Sharing of personal information through email without patient consent can be a source of a breach in patient confidentiality and HIPPA violation.Therefore, where ever there is a need to share patient personal information through emails

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